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ExampleCraft is a mod created for tutorial purposes. It add no blocks, items, or entities of any sort. In December of 2008 ExampleCraft was created by the evil mastermind KakerMix as a horrible affront to the Minecraft modding community at large. The only function that ExampleCraft serves is as an example for how to properly format, edit, and fill pages for mods on the Plus+ wiki. In January of 2010 KakerMix added code to ExampleCraft which causes random explosions in user's worlds if it detects that it is running from the .techniclauncher directory.


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ExampleCraft adds a variety of vanilla items such as Swords and Bows, in addition to Tubes and Rails which are stolen from RedPower 2 and Railcraft respectively.


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ExampleCraft's tubes differ from RedPower's Tubes and Buildcraft's Pipes in an important way. Instead of logically distributing items, the manner in which items traverse tubes is completely random, changing every few minutes. This makes it somewhat tricky to use them, as items will often stop, reverse direction, place themselves into the world, or disappear into "Kaker-Space" for indeterminate periods of time. They behave identically to Tubes in all other respects.


This is an example subsection for a mechanic or concept in a mod that is complex enough to warrant its own page.

The rail system in ExampleCraft expands upon the existing vanilla rail system, adding dozen of new rail types and related items. For more information see ExampleCraft/Rails.


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ExampleCraft's tubes and rails require a proprietary form of energy titled "Kaker-Power" which can only be generated by worshipping at a nearby Kaker-Shrine.


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Icon Achievement In-game description Prerequisites Requirement
Grid Leather.png
Cow Tipper Harvest some leather Time to Strike! Pick up leather from the ground.


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  • Creepers occasionally explode with only half the force of a Nuke
  • Minecraft launches


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  • Throw diamonds into lava to play a short video of KakerMix staring at you from his diamond pedestal