Smeltery Multi-Block Structure

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Smeltery Multi-Block Structure
Smeltery Multi-Block Structure.png

Multi-Block Structure


Tinkers' Construct






This block can be broken with any tool, but a pickaxe is the quickest

The Smeltery is a Multi-Block Structure used to smelt Raw Ore, Ingots, and Nuggets into Molten Ore. The Molten Ore can be poured into Casts, an empty Casting Basin or Casting Table, or over Gravel in a Casting Basin to create Rough Brownstone.


Use the Smeltery Controller to insert materials to be smelted. Use Lava Buckets on the Seared Tank to give it fuel. Once the materials have been smelted, they will disappear from the Controller and appear as Molten Ore inside the Smeltery.

Note: When placing Ore, Ingots and Nuggets inside the Smeltery Controller, you may notice the blocks appearing inside the Smeltery itself. Do not attempt to place or remove blocks from the Smeltery in the world, only use the GUI of the Smeltery Controller.


Constructing a Smeltery requires Seared Bricks, at least one Seared Tank, and one Smeltery Controller. If you actually want to do anything with the Molten Ore inside, you will need one Smeltery Drain and one Seared Faucet. Place the Faucet over a Casting Table or Casting Basin. Alternatively, you may use Seared Stone as a substitute to the Seared Bricks. You can obtain Seared Stone by smelting a large amount of cobble and pourng it into a Casting Basin.

Sample Smeltery (This is just one possible way to construct a Smeltry; other ways exist. Experiment!):

  1. Place a layer of Seared Bricks, here as an example a 5x5 pad - it could also be 1x1 ! or any size in between up to 7x7 (to be confirmed).


  1. On the next layer, place a Seared Tank and Smeltery Controller on the outside edge. Fill in the rest of the outside edges with Seared Bricks, Seared Glass or Seared Windows. There should be an empty space of 3x3 inside.


  1. On the top layer, place a Smeltery Drain on the outside edge. Place a Seared Faucet on the Drain outside of the structure, then place a Casting Table below the Drain. Fill in the rest of the blocks on the outside edge with Seared Bricks, Seared Glass or Seared Windows.


Note: Once the second layer has enough Seared Bricks to enclose the center, the Smeltery Controller will turn on, similar to a vanilla Furnace. This indicates that the Structure has been assembled correctly.

You can build larger or smaller Smeltery than the Sample above, as long as the basic requirements for the Smeltery are met.
Cheapest Smeltery (113 Seared Brick+1 Glass)
113 Seared Brick=56.5 Sand, 56.5 Gravel, 56.5 Clay
1 Bucket, 3 Aluminum, 1 Copper (Ores give 2 ingots), Tool Parts to make Casts
1 Stencil Table, 1 Part Builder, 1 Tool Station
2 Pattern Chests & 2 Chests (1 Pattern Chest between the Stencil Table and Part Builder, the other next to the Casting Table) (1 Chest between the Part Builder and Tool Station, the other near the Controller, Lava Tank, and Casting Table)
Bottom Layer: 3x3 Bricks, (1 Casting Table, 1 Pattern Chest, 1 Chest, in your first Smeltery place these after the second layer)
Second Layer(leave the 3x3 bottom exposed): Side:(2 Bricks+1 Drain (Seared Faucet attached)), Front:(1 Bricks, Controller, Lava Tank), Other Side:(3 Bricks), Rear:(3 Bricks)

Make 1 Blank Cast for the Ingot Cast, punch it out in the Stencil Table. Place a Tool Part on the Casting Table and pour Aluminum Brass (3Al+1Cu) to make Casts.

Uncheap Upgrades:
[16 Seared Brick, 16 Seared Brick] Replace the 2 Bricks next to the Drain with Drains, attach Seared Faucets with a row of Casting Tables beneath (The first cast Tool Part is ready about the time you get back to it with three Casting Tables in a row.)
[44 Seared Brick + 6 Glass] Add another layer: Replace the Bricks next to the Controller with a Seared Window and another Window stacked on top, the 3 old and 8 new Seared Bricks fill out the layer.