Setting up a refinery

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This guide will show you how to set up your first automatic refinery, a crucial step in any tekkit game because of how important fuel is.

Finding Oil

Setting up a refinery.png

Before a refinery can be created a good oil deposit must be located. Oil fields are usually found in deserts. Small pools may not last very long, so look for big oil geysers. The taller the geyser the bigger the oil pocket below the earth is. Before you start you may want to remove the geyser with buckets or blocks so you can build your refinery on ground level.


Setting up a refinery 2.png

To automatically extract the oil a pump can be used so the refinery does not have to be filled manually. Place the pump over the edge of the oil field and the oil refinery adjacent to it. The side of the refinery with the two tanks should touch the pump. This is where oil is stored in the refinery. The oil will be pumped directly into the refinery without using pipes.

The Engine

Setting up a refinery 4.png

A Combustion Engine is needed to power both the pump and the refinery. The refinery can be powered by multiple engines but one engine should be enough for a start. Place a lever two blocks in front of the refinery and a combustion engine on the left. Put a Wooden Conductive Pipe in front of the engine before you place it so it faces the right direction. The lever will allow you to turn everything on and off. Putting A water pump pipe on top of a water source block will keep the engine cooled indefinitely and prevent explosions.


Setting up a refinery 5.png

The engine needs to be connected to the machines to be able to power them. Make sure the engine outputs to a wooden conductive pipe, then place two stone to extend the connection. The pipes should show links to all the machines.

Storing Fuel

Setting up a refinery 6.png

The refinery can only hold a little bit of fuel, so it should be attached to a bigger tank. Place at least 2 liquiducts that travel to a tower of storage tanks, then hit the link connected to the refinery with a wrench. This tells the liquiduct to take fuel from the refinery and put it into the tank, and not vice versa. The liquiduct also needs a redstone current, i.e. an on lever next to it, to work. In this picture I used the same lever that controls the combustion engine. Large oil deposits can fill a huge amount of tanks, so make sure you have a large tower or a chain of tanks if you need to store the fuel.


Setting up a refinery 7.png

Gas up the combustion engine with buckets of oil and throw the lever. The refinery should start working! It's slow, but replace the oil in the engine with fuel as soon as you can. Fuel will produce twice as much energy and last much longer than oil. If your base is not nearby the refinery will stop working as soon as you leave. You may want to place a dimensional anchor so the refinery continues to work when you're not there.