Redstone Energy Cell

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Redstone Energy Cell
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Redstone Energy Cell

Thermal Expansion











The Redstone Energy Cell is one of the only blocks capable of storing Buildcraft MJ in the Tekkit modpack (the other being the Makeshift Battery). This cell can either be hooked up to Conductive Pipes, Redstone Energy Conduits, or straight next to machines in order to power them. It can store up to 600,000 MJ, can be configured to accept input and produce output at any amount from 0 MJ/t to 100 MJ/t, and can retain its charge when picked up if properly dismantled with a Buildcraft-compatible wrench. (To dismantle Thermal Expansion devices, right-click while sneaking.) However, if one wants to drain it, just break it with a pickaxe and the empty cell will drop.


Applying a Redstone current to any face will stop the cell from outputting any power, but will still allow it to be charged. Like other Thermal Expansion blocks this behaviour can be changed in the cell's Redstone Control tab.

Each face on the cell acts as both an input, and an output. For this reason, only Redstone Energy Conduits or Conductive Pipes should be used to connect to it, as they only transfer power in one direction. Connecting wires to it such as Universal Cables will cause it to lose power over time, and should not be used.

Cells placed directly next to each other will not transfer power between each other.

The maximum input amount of 100 MJ/t is not per face of the cell but it is the total sum of all input connections. So for example connecting five sides of the cell with power inputs does not yield 500 MJ/t recharge rate.


Electrum Ingot
Lead Ingot
Electrum Ingot
Energy Cell Frame (FULL)
Redstone Conductance Coil

Electrum Ingot
Lead Ingot
Redstone Energy Cell

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