Reactor Coolant Port

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Reactor Coolant Port
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Reactor Coolant Port

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A Reactor Coolant Port provides an interface for pumping coolant into a Multiblock Reactor, and for pumping superheated coolant (or steam) out.

A Coolant Port is not required to assemble a reactor, and you may place any number of them on a reactor. As you will need a coolant inlet to pump in coolant and a coolant outlet to pump out steam (or other hot fluids), you should install a minimum of two.

Coolant Ports may only be placed on vertical faces, inside the outer frame.

Coolant Ports do not have an inherent limit to their flow rate.

Note: Currently, water is the only fluid which can be used as a coolant.

Active Cooling Mode

A Coolant Port is not required to assemble a reactor. When one or more Coolant Ports are present, the reactor will be placed into "active cooling" mode.

When in "active cooling mode", a reactor will not generate any RF energy on its own. You must pump coolant in, pump the resulting superheated fluid (e.g. steam) out, and use the superheated fluid to generate RF. For example, you might pump the steam to a Steam Dynamo from Thermal Expansion, or into a Multiblock Turbine.

While this is more complex, it provides an optional way to increase the efficiency and output of your reactor without expanding the reactor itself.

Inputs & Outputs

Coolant Ports come in two flavors, Inlet and Outlet. Inlet ports can be recognized by light blue, inward-facing arrows. Outlet ports have bright red, outward-facing arrows.

To switch between these modes, simply right-click the Coolant Port with a wrench or an empty hand.

An "inlet" port provides access to the reactor's coolant fluid tank, where an "outlet" port provides access to the reactor's hot-fluid tank.

When in "outlet" mode, the Port will automatically attempt to pump fluids into compatible adjacent blocks.


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Reactor Coolant Port

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