Range Upgrades (MFR)

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Range Upgrades (MFR)
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Range Upgrades (MFR)

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Range Upgrades (MFR)

Range Upgrades increases the size of the area that a Fertilizer, Planter, Harvester and Sewage Collector operates in.

There are 11 different sizes of upgrades in total and only one upgrade can be in a machine at any given time.

They work by adding onto the pre-existing area covered by the machine. So for example, a Bronze Upgrade in a Planter increases the radius by 5 blocks, making the affected area 13x13 blocks (5 extra blocks in a radius = a diameter increase of 10 blocks + the 3x3 original area = 13x13). The upgrades expand the area North, East, South, West but not up and down.

However, the Harvester and Fertilizer expand only the area in front of them, where as the Planter and Sewage Collector's area moves out from the centre. N.B. The 'center point' of the working area moves away from the Harvester and Fertilizer as size increases. This means a single Harvester/Fertilizer can cover the working area of an upgraded Planter so long as they all have the same level of upgrade. Time

One of the significant drawbacks of using Range Upgrades is the time it takes to harvest, plant or fertilize your produce.

MineFactory Reloaded machines checks 1 block in the covered area every quarter of a second (5 game ticks). This means that a machines without any upgrades will take 2.25 seconds to complete the grid before going back to square 1. A 13x13 grid will take 42.25 seconds to complete 1 full cycle and an Emerald Upgrade would require almost 3 minutes to complete 1 cycle. For Harvesters, this will take even longer depending on what you are growing.