Pink Slime (Mob)

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Pink Slime (Mob)
Pink Slime (Mob).png
Health points

Big: 16 (Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.png)
Small: 4 (Heart.pngHeart.png)
Tiny: 1 (Half Heart.png)

Attack strength

Big: 4 (Heart.pngHeart.png)
Small: 2 (Heart.png)
Tiny: 0 (Empty Heart.png)


Only from Pink Slime buckets

Network ID


Savegame ID



Pink Slimeball (0-2) when tiny slime dies.


Big: 4
Small: 2
Tiny: 1

The Pink Slime Mob can only be found by pouring out a bucket of Pink Slime (Liquid) on the ground. It behaves just like a standard green slime mob, except is pink and drops 0-2 Pink Slimeballs when killed.