Multiblock Turbine Coil

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A Multiblock Turbine Coil is a special and vital part of a Multiblock Turbine. It does not exist as a specific block, but rather is a collection of metal blocks placed in a ring around a turbine's Rotor Shaft. Coil blocks draw rotational energy off of a rotating Rotor Shaft and rectify it into Redstone Flux (RF) energy, which is then stored in the Multiblock Turbine's energy buffer.

A large number of different types of metal blocks may be used to build coils. See the table below for types. In general, more-expensive blocks will draw more rotational energy off of a Rotor Shaft each tick, and will more-efficiently convert that rotational energy to RF.

Coil blocks must be placed immediately adjacent to a Rotor Shaft block. Up to 8 coil blocks may be adjacent to a given Rotor Shaft block, as diagonals are also considered valid.

Coil blocks may not be placed closer to the Turbine Rotor Bearing than the rotor blades.

Valid Coil Blocks

Energy Drawn Off - This is the rotational energy drawn off per-tick. The baseline value (100%) is equivalent the amount of energy drawn off by a single Iron Block.

Conversion Efficiency - This is how efficiently rotational energy is converted into Redstone Flux (RF). The baseline value (100%) is equivalent to the amount of energy drawn off by a single Iron Block.

Conversion Bonus - Some rare block types generate a little bit of bonus energy. The energy produced by this coil block is raised to the power in this column. Most blocks will have an exponent of one (1), and so effectively create no bonus energy.

Block Type Energy Drawn Off Conversion Efficiency Conversion Bonus Mods
Iron Block 100% 100% 1 Vanilla Minecraft
Gold Block 175% 200% 1 Vanilla Minecraft
Copper Block 120% 120% 1 Many mods (Thermal Expansion, Mekanism, etc.)
Osmium Block 120% 120% 1 Mekanism
Brass Block 120% 140% 1 Metallurgy
Bronze Block 120% 140% 1 Mekanism, Metallurgy, some others
Aluminum Block 130% 150% 1 Tinker's Construct, GregTech, some others
Steel Block 130% 150% 1 Many mods (Mekanism, etc.)
Invar Block 140% 150% 1 Thermal Expansion
Silver Block 150% 170% 1 Many mods (Thermal Expansion, Metallurgy, etc.)
Electrum Block 200% 250% 1 Thermal Expansion, Metallurgy
Fluxed Electrum Block 220% 250% 1.01 Redstone Arsenal
Platinum Block 250% 300% 1 Many mods (Metallurgy, etc.)
Shiny Block 250% 300% 1 Thermal Expansion
Titanium Block 270% 310% 1 Mariculture, GregTech
Enderium Block 300% 300% 1.02 Thermal Expansion

Fantasy Metals

These metals come from Metallurgy's fantasy metals. If you feel they're overpowered, they can be disabled in the configuration file.

Block Type Energy Drawn Off Conversion Efficiency Conversion Bonus
Mithril Block 150% 220% 1
Orichalcum Block 170% 230% 1
Quicksilver Block 180% 260% 1
Haderoth Block 200% 300% 1
Celenegil Block 225% 330% 1
Tartarite Block 250% 350% 1