Iron Chests

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Iron Chests
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Iron Chests is a mod which adds more tiers of chests, allowing for more storage space. Tiers from lowest to highest are: Copper-Iron-Silver-Gold-Diamond. Also features two special chests, the Obsidian Chest and the Crystal Chest. The Obsidian Chest is resistant to explosives, and the Crystal Chest displays the items it contains. Both have the same storage capacity as the Diamond Chest.


Chests from the Iron Chests mod may be placed directly next to each other and will not connect to form double chests. They can also be placed directly next to Vanilla Chests.

Iron Chests 5.2.4 build 368

Inventory Size

Material Image Rows Columns Inventory Spaces Notes
Wood Chest.png 3 9 27 Vanilla wooden chest. Can be placed next to another wooden chest for twice the inventory size.
Copper Copper Chest.png 5 9 45
Iron Iron Chest.png 6 9 54 Same inventory size as a double wooden chest.
Silver Silver Chest.png 8 9 72
Gold Gold Chest.png 9 9 81
Diamond Diamond Chest.png 9 12 108 The largest size of chest
Obsidian Obsidian Chest.png 9 12 108 An upgrade of the diamond chest. This chest is Blastproof (explosions will not break it).
Crystal Crystal Chest.png 9 12 108 An upgrade of the diamond chest. This chest shows the items within it as if they are laying on the ground inside the chest block. Crystal chests are often banned on Multiplayer servers. To display the items like it does, the server has to treat them like they have been discarded from the inventory and are just laying on the ground. On many servers this will cause unnecessary lag.