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General information

What is a wiki?

Wiki stands for; "What I Know Is..." style, free for all encyclopedia suite.

This allows everyone (literally) to contribute by creating and maintaining helpful articles about our server within an objective and common sense framework. We believe it will allow our community members submit, edit and maintain their favorite articles and provide a useful information source for new members and those helping guidance.

Despite a goal-oriented tolerance and nature of a wiki, vandalism and inappropriate content will not be tolerated and abusers will be punished.

So... how can I help?

There are several ways to help us improve wiki:

  • Writing new articles.
  • Correcting and improving existing articles (grammar corrections, adding more informations etc.). See: Category:Stubs
  • Creating new, useful templates (only when they are needed).
  • Helping in marking pages (for deletion or as a stub), so that Wiki will be clean and easy to browse.
  • Categorizing pages, creating category trees.
  • Uploading images. If you have a PC capable of OpenGL 3.2 or higher, use this mod to grab 32x and 128x images used for the wiki.
  • And many more.

Ok I want to improve existing pages, but not the ones from stub category. How to find them?

  • Special:Categories contain all categorized pages.
  • You can use Special Pages to see all kind of sorting (uncategorised articles, templates and so on).
  • You can see all pages stored on Wiki.
  • You can keep using Random page link located in navigation to the left.
  • Also you can use search function.

But how do I edit pages?

There are many useful articles you can read, but for a starter we suggest reading MediaWiki Handbook.

You can also browse MediaWiki Handbook: Contents for a list of help subjects.

Wiki issues

To report vandalism or request Administrator's attention please use the Admin noticeboard.

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