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Current Version1.0.5 (MC 1.5.2)
AuthorTechnic Team

Gear up and set forth on a campaign worthy of legend, for Hexxit has been unearthed! Dark dungeons, towering spires, weathered ruins and musty tomes lay before you. Lay claim to riches or create your own artifacts, tame beasts and carve out your own story in endless wonder. Alone or with friends, adventure awaits in Hexxit.


Hexxit is a new collection of mods for Minecraft that puts adventure above all else, in the style of old Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. Exploration is interesting, the dangers are greater and the sense of satisfaction of clearing out a dungeon is intense.

Falling Meteors

Falling Meteors is a mod that adds weapons, armor and other useful items. All meteors fall during night unless spawned. They come in five varieties : meteorite, freezarite, kreknorite, The Kitty Comet and The Unknown Meteor.


Meteorites are the most common type of meteorite you will encounter. They crash down to the ground and cool rapidly, turning into cooled Meteor blocks and reducing the amount of Meteor Chips the meteorite ore gives. Hot meteorite blocks have purple, yellow and orange speckles on them; they will set fire to any character who stands on the block, also if any item drops on them the item will set alight and disappear (similar to lava) this means that a lot of meteor chips shall be lost in the mining process. Any meteorite has a chance to spawn Alien Creepers when broken. Meteor chips can be used to craft Meteorite tools, sword, and armor. All of the tools and armor have a special enchantment that causes dropped items to move towards the player, much like experience. This is especially useful when mining ore over lava, as the magnet effect draws the ore to the player before it falls into the lava. A full set of Meteorite armor gives the player 8 armor points, 0.5 more that iron armor, and has slightly less durability than diamond armor.

Another use for Meteorite chips is to create a Meteor Shield which protect the surrounding area from natural meteorites.

A meteorite sword does 8 damage and has Magnetization I(enchantment) File:Http://i.imgur.com/FPlODnP.png

e. The modlist is full of quality content from some very talented individuals. Be sure to head over to the donate page and show your appreciation!

Included Mods

Mod Version Author(s)
Core Frameworks
CodeChickenCore chicken_bones
CoFH Core KingLemmingCoFH
Immibis Core 55.1.6 immibis
bspkrsCore 2.09 bspkrs
Mod List
Armor Bar 0.3.0 CrudeDragos
Artifice Shukaro
Asgard Shield 2.0.4 Jade Knightblazer
Asgard Shield Addons 2.0.0 Jade Knightblazer
Back Tools 1.5.2v1 iChun
Backpacks 1.12.13 Eydamos
BattleTowers 1.3.4 AtomicStryker
Better Dungeons 1.0.8 Chocolatin
BetterStorage copyboy
BiblioCraft 1.3.3 Nuchaz
Buff Bar 0.7.1 CrudeDragos
Chest Transporter 1.1.6 CubeX2
Chococraft 2.8.8 Torojima
Damage Indicators rich1051414
Dimensional Doors StevenRS11
ExtrabiomesXL 3.13.4 ScottKillen and MisterFiber
Enchanting Plus 1.15.4 mssodin28 and GnRSlash
Falling Meteors Mod 2.10.2a AlexDGr8r
Harken Scythe 1.5.2 Jade Knightblazer
Hexxit Gear 1.0.23 sct
Infernal Mobs 1.5.2 Atomic Stryker
Inventory Tweaks 1.54b Kobata
Immibis Microblocks 55.0.7 immibis
LegendGear 1.5.2 NMcCoy
Map Writer 2.0 Davey Liam
More Bows 1.5_v1 iDiamondhunter
Natura 2.1.2 mDiyo
Not Enough Items chicken_bones
Obsidiplates Myrathi
OffLawn 1.0 Rhodox and Cannibal Vox
Project Zulu CrudeDragos
Rotten Flesh to Leather 1.5.1 Epic Blargh
Ruins 1.5.2 Atomic Stryker
SecretRoomsMod AbrarSyed
Soul Shards 1.0.36 Shadw Drgn
Tinkers' Construct 1.4.0 mDiyo
Treecapitator 1.5.2.r14 DaftPVF and bspkrs
Twilight Forest 1.18.1 Benimatic
Wild Caves 3 0.4.2 Alexmania
Xeno's Reliquary 1.0.6d x3n0ph0b3

Version History


Version Date of Addition Changelog
1.0.5 July 24, 2013
  • A number of fixes were made to the Treecapitator config file (reversed setting changed in 1.0.4 that caused larger trees to take longer to chop down).
  • OffLawn! was updated to version 1.5.1.r02.
  • Fixed issue introduced by 1.0.4 that caused Shears to be some sort of crazy ultra-tool.
1.0.4 July 20, 2013
  • Chest Transporter version 1.1.6 was added.
  • Secret Rooms version was added.
  • A number of configuration errors were fixed in Immibis Microblocks and Treecapitator.
  • It is no longer possible to disenchant items with Enchanting Plus.
  • Cobblestone, dirt, sand, and ender pearls were added to chest loot tables.
  • CodeChickenCore updated to version
  • CoFHCore updated to version
  • bspkrsCore updated to version 2.09.
  • Treecapitator updated to version 1.5.2.r14.
  • Backpacks updated to version 1.12.13.
  • Tinkers Construct updated to version 1.4.0.
  • Bibliocraft updated to version 1.3.3.
  • Chococraft updated to version 2.8.8.
  • Enchanting Plus updated to version 1.15.4.
  • Dimensional Doors updated to version
  • Natura updated to version 2.1.2.
  • Falling Meteors was updated to version 2.10.2a.
  • Immibis Core was updated to version 55.1.6.
  • Immibis' Microblocks was updated to version 55.0.7.
  • Artifice was updated to version
1.0.1 June 25, 2013
  • Treecapitator support has been improved across the board. Treecapitator support should now be total.
  • Cats from outer space will no longer crash land on the overworld.
  • Meteors now only fall at night and fall somewhat less often.
  • It is no longer possible to summon meteors into range of another player's meteor shield.
  • A bad entry which had been added to a configurable loot table has been removed- this should fix a client crash which would sometimes occur when opening a chest for the first time inside a Better Dungeons structure.
  • A crash which would sometimes occur when decorating a kitchen room inside a Better Dungeon structure has been corrected.
  • Better Dungeons has been updated to version 1.08a. This should correct a crash bug with the turtle boss, as well as some TPS lag that many users were experiencing related to Better Dungeons.
  • Artifice version has been added. Existing chunks will have Artifice worldgen added to them the next time they are loaded. Flowers have been added to the surface, a layer of basalt has been added near bedrock, and large veins of Marble are now located underground.
  • NEI Plugins version has been added. This should add NEI support for many Tinkers Construct recipes.
  • Hexxit Gear has been updated to version 1.0.23. This should improve the utility of the nightvision buff on some sets, as well as increase the prevalence of Hexbiscus flowers in new chunks.
1.0.0 June 21, 2013
  • The stars have aligned and your legend has begun! Hexxit is available in your launcher to play!


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