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Galacticraft is a mod that allows you to build rockets, explore new worlds and establish space stations and colonies. Each alien world has its own ores and unique properties, and as you explore these worlds, you can unlock new schematics to build different vehicles in the NASA Workbench.

Getting Started

Building rockets, space stations and colonies on new worlds may seem a little overwhelming, if you're just starting out. So here is a small guide to getting started with Galacticraft! The journey to space is not as difficult as it seems. You can follow the tutorial below or follow this detailed video.

Construct a Spaceship and Landing Pad

Constructing the Rocket Launch Pad is very straightforward, but completing your Spaceship can be a little more interesting. Before you can craft a Spaceship, you must first make a NASA Workbench. The Workbench can be used to construct a variety of vehicles from raw materials and Schematics. It comes pre-loaded with the Schematic for a Tier 1 Spaceship, sufficient to enter orbit over the Overworld, or continue to the Moon. Other Schematics have to be obtained during your travels in outer space.

Once your Workbench is completed, your Tier 1 Spaceship can be constructed from a Nose Cone, Rocket Engine, 4 Rocket Fins, and 8 Heavy Duty Plates. An ordinary Minecraft Chest can be added to give your Spaceship additional storage space.

Obtain Oxygen Apparatus and a Parachute

Four items are required to visit and explore space: an Oxygen Mask, Oxygen Gear, and two Oxygen Tanks (Light Oxygen Tank, Medium Oxygen Tank, or Heavy Oxygen Tank). The two tanks need to be filled with compressed air from an Oxygen Compressor. When full, even a pair of Light Oxygen Tanks will provide enough air for a short tour of the Moon. All four of these items should be equipped into the special inventory slots set aside for them.

Secondly, a Parachute is almost always required to visit space, and if you attempt to take off without it, the game will attempt to dissuade you. Parachutes are required to re-enter the atmosphere safely after your trip, although if you're lucky, you might land in water and survive the atmospheric descent anyway.

Refine Fuel and Fuel Your Ship

Lastly, it is vital to fuel your ship for take-off. To do so, you'll need to get your hands on some Buildcraft or Galacticraft Fuel. Fuel can be made in a Galacticraft Refinery from either Buildcraft or Galacticraft Oil. The point is that both fuels and oils are interchangeable, and Galacticraft has its own Refinery block if you'd like to use it.

Once you have some fuel, you'll want to set up your Rocket Launch Pad blocks in a 3x3 configuration on the ground to create your launch pad. You'll also want to place your Spaceship on top of the launch pad. Finally, you will need to craft a Fuel Loader and place it adjacent to the launch pad, so that it plugs in. Providing some power and fuel to the Fuel Loader will cause it to fuel up your Spaceship, which will then be ready for launch. Jump inside by right clicking your Spaceship and hold down the space bar to launch. Bon Voyage!

Getting back from the moon to the overworld

Once you get to the moon, you won't be able to directly use the shuttle again. You'll need to pick up the parts, rebuild it, and launch again as you did previously. This means that you'll need some way to refuel the ship.

That said, there are three main ways to get back to the overworld. From easiest to hardest:

  • Use mystcraft - Make sure you have a linking book to the overworld before you set off.

(Note that you can also create a new linking book on the moon so you don't need to rocket launch there again)

  • Bring an extra Redstone Energy Cell and Fuel Loader to refuel the ship and launch back out
  • Die, go into limbo, find a portal in the lowest part that will take you back into the overworld.

What Next?

There are many more things to do in Galacticraft. Here is a few!

Oxygenating your base.

We're all saying "How do we create a eco-friendly base?". We need oxygen to breathe! You can connect a Oxygen Collector using Oxygen Pipe to a distributer. Such as the Oxygen Sealer or the Oxygen Bubble Distributor. Then you will need to power the used machines and supply the Oxygen Collector with leaves or wheat. This video briefly and in detail shows this process.


There are tons of great things you can try out in Galacticraft, and more are being added all the time!

Here's a short list of things to try out:

  • Construct an Overworld Space Station and invite your friends.
  • Explore the Moon and make contact with a colony of Moon Villagers.
  • Make your mark, by placing a Flag on the Moon or try it on the Overworld.
  • Mine up some Cheese Ore.
  • Establish an oxygen recycling system on your Space Station, or Moon Colony.
  • Go to Mars!!
  • Construct Cargo Rockets to automatically transport items to and from your expanding Lunar or Martian colonies.