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The Big Dig modpack is full of machines that require power. Here is everything you will need to know to get started with energy production and handling.

Energy Units

Big Dig uses two different types of power for all its machines. Thanks to the Universal Electricity mod, they can be used interchangeably almost anywhere.

Mod Unit Name Conversion
Buildcraft MJ Minecraft Joules 1MJ=100J
Mekanism J Joules 1J=0.01MJ

These units can get pretty confusing, as Mekanism Joules are often shown as kJ (1000 Joules), and MJ (1000 kJ). A Mekanism MJ is equal to 10,000 Buildcraft MJ.

These conversion rates can be altered in the file config\Mekanism.cfg


Big Dig Generators
Mod Name J/t MJ/t Internal Buffer (MJ) Burns Fuel Uses Water Overheat
Buildcraft Redstone Engine 1-8 0.01-0.08 Redstone Current No Never
Mekanism Solar Generator 0-30 0-0.3 3 Sunlight No Never
Buildcraft Stirling Engine 100 1 Same as Furnace No Stops
Thermal Expansion Steam Engine 20-200 0.2-2 2000 Same as Furnace Yes Stops (right-click with wrench)
Thermal Expansion Magmatic Engine 40-400 0.4-4 4000 Lava No Stops (right-click with wrench)
Buildcraft Combustion Engine 100-600 1-6 Fuel, Oil, Lava Yes Explodes

Energy Storage

There are multiple ways of storing energy in Big Dig.

- Thermal Expansion: With TE come a lot of machines and all of these machines need power of some kind. The Redstone Energy Cell is the only available storage option in Big Dig from TE.

- Mekanism: Mekanism has advanced machines. They can get their power from a direct energy source, but also from Energy Cubes (that store the energy inside).

Connecting it up

Special Cases