Ender Storage

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Ender Storage
AuthorEcu, chicken_bones
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Ender Storage aims to replace Minecraft's standard Ender Chests. The mod allows Ender Chests to change channel by color-coding the white blocks on the top using any Dye. The Ender Chest will link to all other Ender Chests with the same color code. Ender Storage is ideal for transporting items over long distances. Buildcraft Pipes, Applied Energistics Buses, and other transport systems may be used to move items in and out of Ender Chests, following the same behavior as other types of chests.

Additional Notes

  • You can use a Diamond on the chest's lock to make them behave like Vanilla Ender Chests (Every player has his/her own chest contents).
  • You can also craft Ender Pouches. These work like Ender Chests, but they can be opened from the hand, which is particularly useful while mining.