Cyanite Reprocessor

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Cyanite Reprocessor
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Cyanite Reprocessor

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The Cyanite Reprocessor is a standard, single-block machine. It has an internal storage tank for water, an internal power buffer that can contain up to 1,000 Minecraft Joules (MJ) and an input slot that can accept any type of recognized reactor waste, such as cyanite.

The machine processes 2 ingots of waste into 1 ingot of fresh, reactor-ready fuel. It requires 1 bucket (1000 mB) of water and 100 MJ to do so.

The machine can be rotated with any Buildcraft-compatible wrench, such as the Buildcraft Wrench or Crescent Hammer. If you have no wrench-providing mods installed, it can also be rotated by sneaking and right-clicking with an empty hand.


The machine's sides can be configured using the five buttons in the upper-right corner of its UI. Red corresponds to the input slot and shows as an open port outlined with red lines in the world. Green corresponds to the output slot and appears like an open port outlined with green lines.

If a green port is connected to a pipe, fuel will be automatically ejected from the machine without any need to actively pump it as the fuel is produced. (That is, you do not need to use a Wooden Transport Pipe & Redstone Engine.)

Blue corresponds to the water tank, but shows up in the world as an uncolored open port.


Reactor Casing
Reactor Casing
Iron Ingot
Yellorium Fuel Rod
Reactor Casing
Reactor Casing
Cyanite Reprocessor


Cyanite Reprocessor recipes
Input Liquid Energy Cost Output
2 Cyanite Ingots 1000 mB Water 1000 RF 1 Blutonium Ingot

Video Tutorial