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Tekkit Lite

Not enough opportunities for automating your Minecraft world? Wish you could have someone else do your mining and building for you? ComputerCraft has what you need! It adds Computers, Monitors, Modems, Turtles and more! And all devices are programmed with the easy-to-learn Lua programming language. You can even use Redstone or MineFactory Reloaded alongside your devices for a truly versatile experience. It doesn't really reqire Lua experince to use, as there are tons of programs already made FOR you at the computercraft Forum as long as you have the HTTP API enabled. To enable it, go into your tekkit folder, find Tekkitmain, go into config, find ComputerCraft.cfg then change enable http from false to true.


CraftOS is the default operating system. Do programs to see the list of programs. To run one, do (program name) (arg1) (arg2) (arg3), etc. then hit ENTER.

Types of computers

There are 2 types of computers in computercraft, discuding the Turtles. The first is the normal computer, which has ONLY keyboard support as input, and can display black and white test aswell as "pixels" seen in the Worm program. The second is Advanced computers. They support mouse clicks, both left and right, and have color displays.


If seeing a GUI just isn't enough for you, you can craft Monitors then place them in the real minecraft world next to a computer. You can treat them like a peripheral while coding, aswell as run any kind of program by doing monitor (side) (program). If they're advanced monitors, you can right-click them to send a mouse event. It will treat it like a left-mouse click. If you want your monitor to be as large as the computer screen GUI, make it 3 blocks tall and 5 blocks wide.


  • Computers allow you to make/run programs, turn Redstone on and off, and interact with Rednet or bundled cables. The computer runs an OS called CraftOS.
  • Monitors do exactly what you'd think, displaying computer text. You can combine them into multiblock displays.
  • Modems allow computers to communicate with other computers (you can even craft wireless ones!).
  • Turtles are robots with the ability to place, break, and detect blocks; move around; and pick up or drop blocks from their inventory.


This tutorial explains the general use of computers and computercraft as a whole, in under 60 seconds!