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Big Reactors
AuthorErogenous Beef

Big Reactors is a mod that provides high-end multi-block power generation systems. It uses Thermal Expansion's Redstone Flux (RF) power system.

It was created, and is actively developed, by Erogenous Beef. The mod's official website can be found at, while the official Wiki is the Big Reactors page on the Technic Wiki.

Big Reactors is an open-source mod, with its source available on GitHub.

For details on the available configuration options, see Big Reactors Configuration. For more information on Big Reactor builds, see Big Reactor Builds.

Crafting Guide now has support for Big Reactors; if you want to quickly calculate what you'll need to build a reactor, try out this fantastic resource.


The titular feature of Big Reactors is the Multiblock Reactor. This is a large structure, at least 3x3x3, that will react fuels such as Yellorium Ingots, producing heat and waste. Heat can be converted to power, or, with the addition of a Reactor Coolant Port, it can be used to superheat a coolant fluid. Power is buffered in the reactor until it is needed, and can be drawn out via a Reactor Power Tap.

A reactor's properties aren't fixed - they are determined by how its internal space is configured. Different arrangements of fuel rods, water and open space will produce different results. A reactor's capabilities can also be extended by adding special blocks to its external casing, such as a Redstone Port to control it remotely via redstone signals.

0.3 Update

Big Reactors has recently been updated to 0.3. There are several major changes in this version.

  • The internal radiation and heat simulation has been rewritten. Reactors tend to run somewhat hotter than in 0.2, but produce much more power.
  • A Reactor's "fertility" rating is now visible. Higher fertility values reduce fuel usage.
  • Reactors can now be actively cooled. Attach a Reactor Coolant Port and pump coolants, such as water, into a reactor. Make sure to pump the resulting steam out with another Coolant Port!
  • Multiblock turbines have been added, and can be used to efficiently convert steam into RF.
  • Most of the UIs have been overhauled and had tooltips added, explaining game mechanics inside the UI.

World Gen

Big Reactors adds the following to world generation:

By default, Yellorite will generate in all dimensions except for the Nether and End. If you have Galacticraft or Dimensional Doors installed, their dimensions will also be skipped. If you need to ignore other dimensions, add their IDs to the YelloriteDimensionBlacklist config setting.

World regeneration is supported. Change enableWorldRegeneration to true in the configuration file to enable it; it is disabled by default.


Simple Reactor

One of the simplest reactors to make is 3x3x3, and contains:

On the first level, place 9 Reactor Casings in this manner:

Reactor stage 1.png

On the second level, place a single Reactor Casing on each corner, then place 1 Reactor Controller in the southern middle slot, facing outward. Place 1 Reactor Power Tap in the eastern middle slot. Place 1 Reactor Access Port in the western middle slot, and finally place 1 Yellorium Fuel Rod in the middle.

Reactor stage 2.png

Reactor stage 3.png

On the third level, place 8 Reactor Casing around the edge, and place 1 Reactor Control Rod in the middle.

Reactor stage 4.png

This reactor will output 261 RF per tick.

Needed Resources

Here is a simple equation to figure how many of each component you will need to build your reactor.

X = length of reactor Y = Width of reactor Z = height of reactor A = how many fuel rods you want B = how many power taps you want

To figure how many reactor casings/glass (P) you need simply fill in

P = Z[2X + 2(Y-2)] + 2[(Y-1)(X-2)] - A - B - 1

for fuel rods you need to do A(Z - 2)

resources needed for just the outer wall reactor casings

needed iron = 4P needed graphite = 4P needed yellorium ingots = p

Video Tutorial