Better Dungeons

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Better Dungeons
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The Chocolate Quest Mod adds dungeons, new mobs and items to Minecraft. It offers great control over the dungeons and mobs for creating epic adventures and battles.


Better Dungeons or Chocolate Quest as it is better known is a mod that expands on the core of minecraft. It adds much more to the exploration part of Minecraft and has plenty of fun items to use and mobs to kill. With shields, swords, and grappling hooks you will never be out of things to do!


Currently, the latest release of the mod is 1.7.10 which can be located ->here<-


Chocolate Quest 1.7.10 works with most if not all mods.


The mod had been left alone for quite some time and most thought that it would never get an update but as of July 5th 2016 according to a user named ArloTheEpic, this mod will be updated to 1.9. Check out the post >here<


Banners from generating structures tend to crash the game. Not always right away but I noticed that after a while the game would crash if there was a structure with banners on it near by. From the crash log given by the Minecraft client, it pointed out that the Banners were the issue. Uncertain if it's just bad coding or an ID conflict.