Applied Energistics

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Applied Energistics
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Applied Energistics completely revolutionizes the way you store and move items. Chest rooms begone, welcome ME storage!


Before you all complain that this is outdated, AE2 came out and changed the way Applied Energistics was played, most of this information is outdated, therefore this warning was placed.

Basic Use

The basic use of Applied Energistics includes a ME Controller connected to some form of power and supplied with a form of storage, rather it be using ME Drives and ME Chests. This will allow you to digitally store your items as energy. This video demonstrates this practice very well

ME Storage

Convert blocks and items into energy and store them in hard drives instead of building a room full of chests. An ME Network with ME Drives and ME Chests will display ALL the contents of your inventory, no need to go hunting around to find which chest you stored your stockpile of diamonds in.

ME Crafting

Craft complex items on demand with the ME Molecular Assembler Chamber (MAC). The MAC learns the recipes you "teach" it through ME Encoded Patterns. ME Crafting is even complex enough to outsource materials it can't combine on its own, like Hardened Glass or Invar Ingots. This machine is also able to take items from the ME Storage and link with it.


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